Prince William County Park Authority


Ballpark Feasibility Analysis

In 2002 the Prince William County Park Authority engaged B&D to complete a feasibility study for the renovation of G. Richard Pfitzner Stadium in Woodbridge, Virginia and to provide lease negotiation support. The stadium was only 18 years old, but had been built during a period of ballpark design that bore little resemblance to modern trends and since fallen behind the set of minimum standards established by the NAPBL. We were commissioned to evaluate the county’s market, its ability to continue supporting minor league baseball, and the financial feasibility of renovating the stadium. We found that the market was fairly competitive with other minor league baseball markets, and was especially strong considering the region’s affluence and its predicted growth. Pfitzner was underserving the market and the recent boom in ballpark construction and renovation put it in danger of obsolescence. We concluded the Prince William County represented a viable market that could support an extensive renovation of Pfitzner Stadium and the operations of its minor league baseball team.