City of Harrisonburg, VA


Ballpark Feasibility Analysis

In 2004 the City of Harrisonburg and its partners selected B&D to analyze the feasibility of a Class A minor league ballpark in Harrisonburg. The study consisted of: a market and financial analysis; a demographic and economic comparison with comparable markets; research on the corporate market in the area; a penetration analysis; and a minor league ballpark analysis. Our analyses suggested that the area could support a Class A team and that the lack of competition and depth of the corporate market implied that the target market may extend to a five-county region. The project was fairly complex due to the number of interested parties, which were: the City of Harrisonburg; the adjacent James Madison University; the Sanborn Group developers; and the Sand Gnats ownership group. When a preferred site emerged that was adjacent to and partially owned by the university, we were then tasked with analyzing the feasibility of a Class A “Short Season” team for the ballpark and facilitated the financing structure between the city, the university, the developers, and the ownership group.