City of Yonkers, NY


Ballpark District Master Plan, Financing Plan, And Program Management

In 1999 B&D was retained by the City of Yonkers to guide and manage its efforts to construct a new ballpark in downtown Yonkers for an expansion Atlantic League franchise. Situated in the heart of downtown Yonkers, the selected development site presented a rare opportunity to create a successful downtown development unique and specific to Yonkers. Locally known as Chicken Island, the site includes frontage on historic Getty Square and is only blocks from the Hudson River and a commuter rail station. Redevelopment of the site was planned to improve the character of the immediate area while complementing the greater economic development objectives of the city and continuing the momentum created by a series of recent waterfront projects. We provided a series of services, including the initial feasibility study, site selection, financial planning, economic and fiscal impact analyses, concept development, and program management during the implementation phase. Throughout the process, we were responsible for coordinating the activities of several governmental entities, including the Yonkers Industrial Development Agency, the Yonkers Planning Department, and the City Council, with Yonkers Baseball Development and the Westchester Baseball Club. Taking advantage of the site potential, we developed an integrated ballpark district master plan and financing plan that included a 6,500-seat ballpark, and 100,000 SF of retail space. The planning and financing model used the revenue streams created by the ancillary retail spaces to supplement the ballpark development costs. In the end, we were able to create a self-supporting financing plan using no city funds while creating a $35 million project that would enhance the vibrancy of the neighborhood.