Ohio Cultural Facilities Commission


Ballpark (Columbus Clippers) Preliminary Assessment And Financial Analysis

B&D serves as the Sports Facility consultant to the Ohio Cultural Facilities Commission, the body through which the State of Ohio participates in funding sports facilities at the major league levels. In this role we have provided consulting on the market and financial feasibility, economic impact potential, design, and construction of almost every major league and minor league professional sports facility developed in Ohio since 1996. Ultimately we are responsible for advising the state on the approval of project funding. Cooper Stadium in downtown Columbus, home of the Columbus Clippers, was built in 1932 and renovated in 1977. In 2004 we were asked to analyze the feasibility of renovating the ballpark once again. Our work entailed: a preliminary assessment of the existing facility; a demographic and economic analysis; surveys of local residents and business owners; and an analysis of financial performance and event schedules of comparable facilities. We applied our findings toward projections, including: an event calendar; rental rates and revenues; attendance, ticket prices, parking, and concessions; and advertising and naming rights. We also developed a financial analysis to provide the Clippers with an operating pro forma and model for a newly renovated ballpark.