Hagerstown / Washington County Industrial Foundation


Ballpark And Neighborhood Redevelopment Plan

In 2004 the Hagerstown/Washington County Industrial Foundation, Inc. engaged B&D to create a redevelopment plan for an area called the East End. We were tasked specifically with creating a comprehensive plan to outline the best strategies for both improving the public event/entertainment facilities and promoting the development of a vibrant neighborhood that would provide residential, commercial, and retail land uses. Our work included: a site analysis; market analyses for the various uses; an outline building program; a series of development options; a review of public financing mechanisms; an outline of a public/private development partnership; and an analysis of the financial performance of various options. Our recommendation outlined a strategy for nearly 140 acres with a hotel, 175 multi-family units, 35,000 SF of retail, and a 5,500-seat ballpark. The economics were structured such that the new property tax revenues the project generated would support the debt service on the ball park, and we identified an effective approach that supported the ballpark’s development with no new taxes or significant public contributions.