Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce


Ballpark And Downtown Neighborhood Redevelopment Plan

In 2005 the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce and the Omaha Development Foundation selected B&D to conduct an economic impact and project analysis for the proposed redevelopment of Omaha’s North Downtown neighborhood. This development was, in part, a response to a proposal by the Omaha Royals—the Triple A affiliate of MLB’s Kansas City Royals—to build a new baseball park. We worked with the Chamber to identify our basic objectives, which included: confirming Omaha’s ability to support a baseball park; quantifying the economic impact; defining market demands for various private sector development products; recommending implementation structures and delivery strategies; and proposing alternative plans to finance a new baseball park. We completed quantitative analyses (demographics, attendance, financial performance); an economic analysis for the various private development products; and a fiscal impact analysis. Based upon our findings, the building program was revised to define a development strategy that would be more responsive to market demands in terms of both supply and land value. We also presented a potential implementation strategy that would limit risk, maximize a TIF application, limit the city’s exposure, and provide a new baseball park within the means of the Omaha Royals.