Converse College


Athletics Master Plan And Program Management

Converse College selected B&D in 2011 to develop a 10-year athletics master plan. The recent success of the college’s athletic program created the need to re-analyze the investment required to continue supporting the program’s future growth. Our approach began with a review of the college’s current athletic programs, their space utilization, and in-depth tours of all campus athletic facilities. Administrator interviews and focus group interviews (with student-athletes and with other students) were conducted to identify the athletic program’s opportunities and challenges. An analysis of athletic programs and facilities at peer institutions enabled us to better understand the college’s competitive position within its division. In addition, we analyzed the current financial performance of each existing campus sports program and projected the financial performance of potential new sports programs. Our research and analyses revealed student desire for increased indoor and outdoor athletic space and additional programs, along with expanded spectator amenities, augmented hours of operation, and increased athletics branding. Immediate, short-term, and long-term opportunities for growth in the college’s athletic programs were detailed, and preliminary budget projections were outlined for a pool renovation, a new field house, and stadium enhancements.

The following year, the college engaged us to provide program management services for turning the master plan into reality. The first step in this process entailed the development of the 14,500 SF, $3.35 million Marsha H. Gibbs Field House. We were responsible for overseeing the management of the field house’s design and construction, assisting with vendor selection, performing quality control inspections, ensuring compliance with code requirements, compiling project documentation, and managing all budget and schedule requirements. We also were integrally involved with the initial financing and bonding issues for the project. The Gibbs Field House opened in 2014.