Howard University


Athletics And Recreation Facilities Master Plan

In April 1999, B&D was selected by Howard University as sub-consultant to A&R Development Corporation to perform a strategic master plan for the university’s athletics and recreation facilities. The study—which included an athletic program, recreation program, building program, and facilities evaluation—was initiated to assess the impact of any im-provements on the quality of the athletic and recreation facilities at the university. The university committed to thoroughly exploring the improvement and expansion of its existing athletics and recreation facilities, as they did not effectively meet athletic and recreational activity demand among students and staff, causing limits on participation, practice time, and diversity of offerings. Our specific responsibilities included an evaluation of existing facilities; focus group interviews with students, faculty/staff, and alumni; development of building program options; detailed programming; and detailed financial analyses in preparation of architectural design. We also conducted a competitive context analysis of peer schools and found that Howard was deficient in the amount of indoor space and fields allocated for athletic, recreation, and physical education programs.