St. Andrew’s School


Athletic Facility Program Of Architectural Requirements And Design Review

In 2007 B&D was retained as a member a design team to plan and design a new athletic facility for St. Andrew’s School. Our responsibilities included an evaluation of existing facilities; focus group interviews with students, staff, alumni, and parents; development of building program options; site analysis; and programming in preparation for architectural design. We also conducted a competitive context analysis of peer institutions and discovered that St. Andrew’s was deficient in the amount of indoor space and fields allocated for athletic and wellness education programs. The greatest challenge faced by the planning and design team was to identify and develop a facility program that would provide enough space for all students to practice simultaneously in the afternoon and to ensure there would be enough space so that teams would not have cut athletes. The school also was dedicated to preserving a historic gymnasium and tower while creating a new LEED-certified facility. In order to meet its desired goal of all students participating at the same time, St. Andrew’s recognized the need to expand the afternoon practice schedule to allow for more teams to practice at their desired times. The resulting project was detailed in a Program of Architectural Requirements, built incorporating sustainable design. The 51,000 SF, $15 million Sipprelle Field House was completed in 2011. The facility includes 10 squash courts, a weight and fitness area, a basketball court, a wrestling room, locker rooms, and a multipurpose studio. The Field House achieved LEED Gold certification later that year.