Marquette University


Athletic Facilities Needs Assessment, Financial Analysis, And Program Of Architectural Requirements

In 2000 Marquette University contracted B&D to perform a comprehensive analysis of improvements to its athletic facilities. This was initiated to assess the nature of improvements to athletic facilities that would enhance the university’s competitive position for recruitment and retention of student athletes and help the athletic department better fulfill its mission. Our work involved an analysis of the university’s competitive position, an evaluation of existing facilities, development of a recommended building program, detailed financial analyses, and the creation of a detailed program of architectural requirements. We determined that the university’s facilities fell short of providing a level of quality consistent with comparable universities, which put it at a disadvantage for hosting competitive events—especially NCAA events. Our analysis resulted in a two-phase project. Phase l was a 100,000 SF practice and support facility for basketball and volleyball and a 5,000-seat convocation center. Phase ll was a 20,000 SF support facility for all other intercollegiate sports. The 4,000-seat, $31 million Al McGuire Center opened in 2003.