Middlesex School


Athletic And Science & Math Facilities Utilization Analysis And Programming

In 2000 Middlesex School retained B&D to provide master planning services for its athletic facilities and a new science and math academic building. Our work involved benchmarking of other schools and examining utilization issues with respect to field space. We provided expertise on reusing the former squash courts as a fitness center, and the development of an ice rink that converts into four indoor tennis courts in spring. We were also tasked with developing a program for a new science and math building, for which we conducted a classroom utilization analysis, focus group interviews, and a benchmarking of other schools. As a result, in 2003 the 28,000 SF Clay Centennial Center opened with seven science classrooms, six math classrooms, an observatory with an 18-inch research-grade telescope and seven smaller rooftop telescopes, a project room for independent study, and a student lounge.