George Mason University


Athletic And Recreation Master Plan

In 2004 George Mason University retained the team of B&D and EwingCole to pursue a ten-year athletics and recreation master plan for its Fairfax campus. Our initial work dealt with its indoor and outdoor facilities and the research and analysis involved: coach, staff, and administrator interviews; student focus groups; benchmarking with peer institutions; analysis for capacity and utilization patterns; review of existing conditions; and a review of enrollment/on-campus residency projections. Capital projects were then recommended and different campus layouts were presented in order to address the university’s goals and mission. Several key issues arose in the final concept: allowance for both Division l-AA football and other current sports; centralizing or decentralizing athletics on campus; renovating or adding on to existing facilities; and minimizing the impact of revenue-generating events in the basketball arena on university programs. Based on our plan, an aging building was revitalized to support varsity volleyball and wrestling, and in 2009 a $24.5 million, 116,000 SF renovation and expansion took place on the Recreation and Athletic Complex.