Georgetown University


Athletic And Recreation Master Plan

Georgetown University retained the team of B&D and Hughes Group Architects in 2004 to pursue an Athletics and Recreation Master Plan. To produce this plan, our work included: interviews with coaches, staff, and administration; benchmarking with conference institutions and peer institutions; a review of game and tournament requirements and trends; a schedule analysis for capacity and use patterns; a review of existing conditions; and a review of the campus history with athletics. We used these findings to outline a program of spaces to meet the school’s needs. In the second phase of our work we worked on a final concept recommendation which entailed: sizing and locating a men’s basketball arena to bring competition back to campus; designing a plan to maintain service to students while existing facilities were being demolished and/or renovated; maximizing the visual impact of outdoor green spaces within this urban campus; sizing an artificial surface and new seating to accommodate use for a variety of sports; and supporting the full experience of varsity student-athletes and recreational student involvement. We completed the ten-year master plan in 2004. The first project initiated within the plan included the multi-sport/football stadium renovation, a boathouse, and an expansion of strength and conditioning facilities.


In addition to the new business school and science buildings, Georgetown may see another structure erected in the next decade.