The Catholic University of America


Athletic And Recreation Facilities Strategic Development Plan

In 2003, when The Catholic University of America wanted an analysis of its athletic facilities and help preparing the necessary documents for a capital campaign for infrastructure improvements, it turned to B&D. The university needed an assessment, cost modeling, and compelling imagery to excite potential donors. Our tasks included: interviews with student athletes, coaches, management personnel and administrators; establishment of a baseline of potential improvements; a utilization analysis; and a determination of the capacity and type of spectator seating for football, softball, and baseball. We provided a programmatic reconfiguration of the athletic and recreation center, a cost model for each recommendation, and Hughes Group Architects provided the architectural imagery. We presented the plan to the University’s Board of Directors in October 2003. The university proceeded to renovate the Cardinal weight room in 2004 and its baseball venue, Talbot Field, in 2007.