Claremont McKenna College


Athletic And Recreation Center Design Review

In 2008 the architects for Claremont McKenna College’s proposed athletic and recreation center (John Friedman Alice Kimm Architects, Inc.) wanted additional insight into the proposed facility’s planning. The college retained B&D to review its design, recommend improvements, potential alternations, operational concerns, and other issues. Through our review we determined that several elements appeared to be smaller than those typically found in contemporary peer facilities, including the fitness rooms, locker rooms, and storage areas. Our summary of findings included more than 30 recommendations on macro-level (layout, equipment) and micro-level (built-in sound systems, drinking water access) issues. We also provided expertise on balancing athletic and recreation programming under one roof and expressed the importance of defining zoning possibilities during the design phase. The final concept consisted of a 100,000 SF facility that included a 2,000-seat arena.