Events DC


Armory Asset Repositioning Study

In 2010, Events DC wanted an asset repositioning study for the District of Columbia Armory. B&D was retained for this work and our scope of work included: a detailed demographic analysis of the market; primary interviews with promoters, producers, and regional building managers; a competitive context review; an existing conditions assessment; identification of use options, investments, and improvements; cost estimates; and a benchmarking analysis. We were then able to identify all possible use options that would reposition the Armory as a leading entertainment venue. Additionally, we provided cost estimates for the investments and improvements needed to increase the facility’s functionality, and conducted a national benchmarking analysis of how other municipalities have repositioned similar assets. Our study found that in order to cater to the niche identified in our research, approximately $27 million would be needed in infrastructure and building system upgrades, patron enhancements, and building image and identify reinforcements.