Harvard University


Arena Renovation Feasibility Assessment

In 2014 Harvard University selected B&D—on a team led by Bruner/Cott & Associates—to analyze programmatic opportunities for the renovation and re-programming of Lavietes Pavilion. Over the years the Pavilion has housed Harvard’s indoor track and baseball teams. Beginning in 1982 it served exclusively as home to the university’s men’s and women’s basketball teams, and continues to do so today. With a project budget of $5 million, the university plans to make significant improvements to this historic 88-year-old arena to indicate excitement and energy, attract talent, and create a feel of a higher level of basketball, all while retaining the arena’s “historic charm.” Proposed changes included adding space within locker rooms, offices, and equipment storage and laundry facilities. Conceived modernizations included a new video room and upgraded medical/training facility. Our approach included a review of program requirements and a series of interviews with key project stakeholders to determine their facility needs. The information gathered was then compared with best practices of Harvard’s Ivy League peers and other similar programs in order to identify and confirm effective renovation concepts. An outlined program was developed that specified needed space quantities, sizes, and technology upgrades. The ensuing planning and design concepts were then reviewed with respect to adjacencies, configurations, and functionality.