University of Maine


Arena Feasibility Analysis, Program Of Architectural Requirements, Graphic Model Development, And Business Planning

In 2005 B&D was selected by the University of Maine to identify and evaluate the feasibility of various facility scenarios for the school’s basketball program. The university’s famous facility, “The Pit,” was located in its Memorial Gym, a facility that had been built in 1932, had fallen into disrepair, and was greatly outdated. As a result, the university’s basketball teams had been sharing time with its hockey team in the school’s arena, and that was not sustainable. Our work included: benchmarking; off-campus research; analysis of space size and uses; conceptual design sketches; and budget estimating. Various scenarios of off-campus and on-campus opportunities and new development were evaluated against certain criteria, and our final report revealed how the renovation of The Pit would meet all the criteria with the greatest value to university community. Subsequently, in 2008 we were hired again to define the architectural requirements for The Pit’s renovation, and in 2009 we created a 3-D model to help determine the scale of the concept. We returned to campus in 2012 to provide business planning services. In 2013 the university initiated its $10 million renovation of Memorial Gym. In December of 2014, the renovations to Memorial Gym were completed which brought the total seating capacity of the gym to 3,100 and included updates to the men’s and women’s basketball team locker rooms.