City of Portland, ME


Arena Feasibility Analysis And Financing Plan

In 1999 B&D was retained by the City of Portland to conduct a feasibility study for a proposed indoor sports arena to be located in downtown Portland, Maine. The region had historically represented a mature minor league market, having supported the Portland Pirates hockey team for many years, but its arena had suffered recently from a decline in activity because of limited capacity, lack of amenities, and deteriorating conditions. A new facility was proposed by the philanthropic Libra Corporation, which offered to donate both land and capital funding to the project. We performed a comprehensive integrated analysis and direct primary research, including site analyses of ten alternative locations. Finally, a study was performed with consideration for a complex array of social issues such as impacts on key social services and affordable housing opportunities in downtown Portland. Our efforts resulted in a fully self-sustaining project financing plan, but the city was unable to generate sufficient public support to begin construction on the arena.