Groton School


Academic Programming And Campus Master Plan Development

After developing a space utilization recommendation in 2008 for Groton School’s signature academic building, the Schoolhouse, in addition to developing space recommendations for the School’s science program, B&D was re-engaged in 2011 to update this analysis for science space needs. This assignment grew out of the School’s recent decision to adopt the integrated STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Math) approach for math and science. We revised the space projections for science to allow for the new teaching methodology and developed several further scenarios to help accommodate the STEM needs. We performed a blocking and stacking exercise and a financial analysis to assess each option from a capital cost and operations perspective. As a result, our recommendation was that Groton re-purpose part of the Schoolhouse as STEM space and add to the facility where needed. We then helped the school in a master planning process to understand how best to implement our recommendations from a campus-wide perspective. Groton proceeded with a 32,700 SF Schoolhouse addition, which will house state-of-the-art science and math classrooms, as well as other academic components. The $48 million project was completed in 2015.