St. Catherine’s School


Academic And Dining Space Programming Analysis; Academic And Dining Space Renovations Program Management

In 2006 St Catherine’s School retained B&D to assist in its efforts to reconfigure some of its facilities in light of an anticipated enrollment increase and the phasing out of its boarding program. Our tasks included: a series of interviews with staff and administration to understand traditions and objectives; an existing space analysis; an outline program development; and project concept development to reconcile space demand. We determined there was no need for an additional building or a large addition; rather the school’s needs could be accommodated by renovating existing buildings and putting a small addition onto the dining hall. The concept would renovate 74,000 SF of the oldest buildings on campus into a fully upgraded and functional facility. The 13,000 SF Ellett Hall and arcade renovations were completed in 2008. The 31,500 SF Bacot Hall renovations followed in 2009. And in 2010, the multi-phased $22 million project was completed with renovations to the 38,600 SF Washington Hall, which included a 21,600 SF addition, as well as a dining hall renovation that more than doubled its seating capacity.