Project Manager

Ms. Meissner is a project manager in B&D's Washington, DC, office where she advises institutions of higher education on how to best maximize the strategic value of their auxiliary facilities—including student housing, campus unions, hotels, and conference centers. Committed to advancing the objectives of the institutions with which she works, Ms. Meissner specializes in developing and delivering customized tools and research to her clients that empower them to make informed, vision-aligned planning decisions. Before joining the firm, Ms. Meissner served as a content analyst and senior research associate within Hanover Research’s Market Insight Center. In this position she built, manipulated, and analyzed complex data sets, as well as synthesized research findings to identify implications and recommendations for strategic action. Previously, she was an associate consultant for an urban planning and community development firm, czbLLC. In this capacity she conducted extensive on-the-ground field research and primary research in client communities to inform innovative housing and revitalization strategies built on community values, aspirations, and existing assets.

Master’s of Philosophy (University of Cambridge)

B.A. Anthropology (Auburn University)