Data and Information Architect

Mr. Clemons serves as B&D's Data and Information Architect, through which he optimizes the efficiency of the firm's file-sharing and workflow services, while also collaborating with staff to devise new toolsets and process improvements. He originally joined B&D as a member of the Foodservice team, engaging in client-centric research and analysis to advance institutional goals. While studying in the legal field, Mr. Clemons gained experience with business consulting, as well as research into market characterization and competitive context. He also worked with Illinois Business Consulting, a student-run consultancy working with clients of all types and sizes on real-world projects. Working with the university's Office of Technology Management, he ran patentability searches, researched market size and character, and analyzed the competitive landscape to identify potential licensing and commercialization partners. As a senior commercialization analyst, he trained and managed graduate students from various disciplines to do the same. His undergraduate degree was in statistics & computer science, through which he acquired insights into formal theory, artificial intelligence, and flexible processing of numeric data.

J.D. (University of Illinois College of Law)

B.S. Statistics and Computer Science (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)