Our firm unites senior executives with project managers, project analysts, and support staff, with each individual contributing to the firm’s goals and clients’ needs.

Some companies believe that seasoned veterans should always lead and new staff should always follow. At B&D, each of us brings and develops expertise we share with the rest of the team, regardless of our tenure. This collaborative approach brings out our best efforts and serves our clients most effectively.

These core values are the standards by which we have been guided since our founding in 1993. We do not wrestle with who we are; we always have understood the principles for which we stand and the example by which we lead. As a result, we hire, promote, and retain individuals whose personal and professional values align precisely with B&D’s.

Accepting the Risk of Risk Taking

All great achievements require some level of risk. Being the best requires us to dare to do what nobody has done before. The great idea never tested is no better than no thought at all. We encourage our employees to take emotional and intellectual risks, not for personal gain, but for the benefit of our clients and to promote the constant flow of innovative methodologies and value-packed big ideas. Our employees take the risk of challenging convention, inspiring action, and boldly expressing ideals. Not every risk is rewarded, as the chance of a negative outcome is real. The fulfillment of B&D’s purpose requires that we accept the risk of risk taking, but in thoughtful and deliberate ways.

The Importance of Real Responsibility & Real Incentives

B&D strives to maintain a performance-based culture where each employee has the responsibility and the ability to advance our purpose. Ours is not a place where you wait to be told what to do or only do what you are told. We value individuals who take initiative and we allocate rewards accordingly by providing incentives that matter. Our commitment to real responsibility and real incentives requires us to directly connect efforts to rewards.

Relentless Discomfort

We believe that “no pain, no gain” applies to our work and professional development. If what we did were easy, our clients wouldn’t need us. We know discomfort is a sign that we are in the process of breaking through constraints, whether self- or externally-imposed. The end result is growth in skills, capacity, knowledge, and confidence. A lack of discomfort is a sign of complacency, which leads quickly to stagnation. We provide the opportunities and incentives that encourage stepping outside of your comfort zone but we also provide safety nets that prevent unnecessary risk. Testing our professional boundaries allows us to grow faster. We are committed to continuous professional growth for everyone at B&D because we strongly believe in the human capacity for growth.


Integrity is achieved when beliefs, values, and behaviors align, and it is much more than simply telling the truth. Integrity is about being predictable in every way that is positive and it makes us worthy of people’s trust. It is what gives our word currency and a lack of it is not tolerated. Personal integrity is what allows the firm to grant great latitude to employees since we trust they will behave responsibly and in the best interests of our clients. Integrity is what allows every B&D employee to feel safe as they take risks on our clients’ behalf knowing the firm will always stand behind them, even when problems arise.


Nothing of any significance is ever achieved by a single person working alone. We must respect the people and firms with whom we collaborate and work diligently to develop and maintain trust with our clients, partner firms, and each other. Rigorously maintaining our integrity is essential to nurturing high functioning relationships, but we must also be committed to supporting the objectives of those with whom we choose to associate. Building genuine relationships is how our brand is authenticated and how our excellent reputation thrives.

Not Wearing a Suit to the Office

All of B&D’s employees, regardless of position or title, are expected to contribute to the firm. We celebrate humility over hubris and strive to maintain a culture where there are no arbitrary markers of status that stifle the ideas of the less experienced in favor of those with greater authority. Success is rarely achieved alone so the appropriate and graceful attribution of credit to others is an important company attitude. We keep an informal office environment that fosters idea sharing, intellectual contributions from everyone, and team success.

It is Not My Job Always Being the Wrong Answer

B&D functions as a true team where each member maintains a disciplined approach to fulfilling individual responsibilities, but where we also continuously support and depend on one another. Accordingly, if someone needs assistance, or there is an opportunity to add value, we are not constrained by the notion that it is not our responsibility to take action. We believe that high impact contributions can come from anyone and acknowledge that, as human beings, we should always be teaching and learning. As such, our commitment to excellence compels us to help others and be open to others helping us in the pursuit of our purpose. “It’s not my job” is always the wrong answer.

We articulate clearly what makes a great B&D employee and hire only those individuals who embody these attributes.

Willing to take intellectual, emotional, and financial risks;
Committed to excellence for excellence’s sake;
Predisposed to initiate deliberate, disciplined action;
Passionate about B&D’s ”hedgehog“ concept;
Intellectually curious;
Of high personal integrity;
Ambitious for the firm;
Engaging; and
Able to endure to achieve excellence.

B&D places strong emphasis on the importance of diversity in all we do. Our recruiting efforts are focused on hiring the best and brightest unique individuals from various cultural, experiential, and educational backgrounds. We believe that diversity is the key to collaboration and ultimately to providing world-class solutions to our diverse clients.
Our employees dedicate long hours, often giving up evenings and weekends, to exceed client expectations. As a reward for their dedication, our staff is treated to company-sponsored sporting activities, happy hours, and other social events. We believe in encouraging a familial, social environment that results in a group of employees who work and play well together. We consistently hear from employees that they enjoy coming to work each day, due primarily to the people with whom they work.
“I love working here. B&D is a top-notch place to work, which I hope every employee appreciates. We can continue to do great things as long as we maintain our character and values.”

- 2014 B&D Employee Survey