Our mission is to make our clients the strongest owners possible throughout the development process.

The terms “facility planning” and “program management” have diverse meanings to different players in the building profession—architects, engineers, general contractors, construction managers, and financial underwriters—each of whom has a unique perspective on the development process. As a result, each of these professionals tends to approach facility development with an emphasis on their own area of expertise, frequently at the expense of the project’s other critical aspects, or even the client’s underlying strategic objectives.

We believe that, above this maelstrom, the ultimate sources of wisdom in any building project are the owner and the end-users of the space to be created. Only the owner is vested with the most intimate knowledge of its own institutional values and strategic objectives and, thus, with the right to determine project priorities. Only the users, themselves, fully understand the performance needs of a facility and the characteristics essential to its success.

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