Inclusion & Belonging

At Brailsford & Dunlavey, we are invested in providing an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome and has a voice. We make concerted efforts to hire and retain a diverse group of employees. We believe that “Better is better!” and part of getting better means constantly improving our awareness of our environment and those working within it.

What are we doing?

We have an Inclusion Committee led by our Director of HR and is comprised of executives and professional staff. This strategic work group is dedicated to ensuring that we all feel connected and included within the firm.

Everyone in our firm receives a copy of the book “Everyday Bias” by Howard Ross. As a firm, we are examining our biases together which makes us all better and allows us to make smarter decisions.

We recruit from a long list of diverse professional networks and universities throughout the country.

We get involved in the communities that we are helping to build.

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“B&D is a very comfortable environment for me to work in as a gay, black male… more comfortable than it would’ve been at other companies.” 
-B&D Employee
“I appreciate B&D’s commitment to inclusivity. As a women in the real estate development space, all too often, I’m the only minority or woman in the room. It feels great to know that I have the B&D family behind me to make me feel appreciated.” 
-B&D Employee